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about the property

Privately owned, one of a kind, virgin rainforest cape on an island called Koh Lanta, situated on the southwest coast of Thailand only two hours away from Phuket with a speed boat, and the closest airport is located in Krabi which is a two and a half hour drive from the island by car. The 45000 m2 estate has access to two long and sandy beaches of which one is semi private where the water is beautifully turquoise.

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a mythicalkingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra.

Whatever its historical basis, Shambhala gradually came to be seen as a Buddhist Pure Land, a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic. It was in this form that the Shambhala myth reached the West, where it influenced non-Buddhist as well as Buddhist spiritual seekers — and, to some extent, popular culture in general.


What is there to do at an island like Koh Lanta?

  • Diving & Snorkling

    While Koh Lanta itself doesn't have any spectacular diving-spots, it serves as a hub, connecting the many diving areas at the islands nearby. At Koh Lanta there are plenty of diving-centres that provides courses, gear and all your diving needs.

  • Daily trips

    There are several types of daily trips, the most common one is the four island tour on which you get to see four different islands. The trip includes snorkling, lunch and swimming into a cave-like island with a spectacular lagoon

  • Dining

    Koh Lanta has plenty of great restaurants, with a large variety of cuisines.


It is possible to rent Cape Shambhala, further information is displayed below

Seasons Dates Rates Per Night
High Jan 11 - Feb 28 US$2,000
Mid Mar 1 - Apr 19 US$1,500
Low Apr 20 - Sep 20 US$1,000
Mid Sep 20 - Nov 22 US$1,500
High Nov 23 - Dec 19 US$2,000
Peak Dec 20 - Jan 10 US$2,500

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